The consortium and its associates

Pantacon is one of the first networks of cultural enterprises in Lombardy: formed by professionals who produce and promote culture, choosing innovation, quality, research, creativity and inclusion. The consortium was created in Mantova in 2012 thanks to the common dream of a group of Mantuan cultural cooperatives operating in sectors like theater, libraries, medias and creativity. The consortium is formed by the cooperatives Alkémica, Charta, Teatro Magro and Zero Beat. Matteo Rebecchi is the president of Pantacon.


The associates



CHARTA was created in 1990. It’s a cooperative formed by librarians, archivists and cultural consultant. The professionalism of its operators is a guarantee of the services offered. CHARTA works with libraries, archives, schools, museums and cultural institutions with the task of organizing and valorizing the documents and cultural heritage in general. The services offered are management of libraries; intra-libraries borrowing and the bibliobus; organization of archives and cataloguing of documents; animation and events. The cooperative fosters the valorization and fruition of cultural heritage with a constant attention to the potentialities, the initiatives, people’s projects attitude, realizing innovative and specific services for and with the clients. CHARTA lives and transform the cultural sites making them more open, lively and pleasant.

President: Giuliano Annibaletti
Facebook: Charta Cooperativa Sociale
Instagram: charta_cooperativa



Teatro Magro was created as theatrical company in 1988 in Mantova. Today it is a consolidated structure, whose artistic activity moves beyond the boundaries of the avant-garde and research theater. Teatro Magro has a variegated and multidisciplinary cultural, social and didactic offer: theater workshops in schools and health facilities, readings animation, shows and performances for specific events, territorial projects, audio, video and lights services. Teatro Magro gleans from the everyday life denouncing stereotypes, the commonplace, the rhetoric, through an irony that helps keeping a high level of attention and critical observation on reality, for an independent and disenchanted perspective. Each work of art is the result of teamwork for a high-quality product characterized by the attention to the detail, together with the capacity of maintaining and transmitting its style.

President: Flavio Cortellazzi
Facebook: Teatro Magro
Twitter: @teatromagro


Zero Beat was created in 2000 through the gathering of people coming from different theatrical and musical experiences, but with a shared interest for research and experimentation in performing arts related to theater, dance and videomaking. The cooperative realizes didactic projects on theater, workshops with schools and cultural centers, didactic opportunities, theater workshops for adults, production of shows and videos, festivals organizations. Zero Beat productions are characterized by a peculiar interest for the contamination between languages: the work on body, on dance and physical actions, the relation between the creation of rhythm and music, the interaction with audiovisual aids, everything comes together through the balance between the stage action of the actor – physical body – the evocative art of the musician and the virtual work of the video-maker; leaving open the possibilities for the vision, the image-dream that comes true through the eyes of the spectator.

President: Roberto Pavani
Facebook: Zerobeat


Alkémica daily mission is didactic entertainment and scientific dissemination. Created in 2015 as a cooperative by professionals with more than twenty years of experience in the third sector. Alkémica main activity is the dissemination of scientific culture, offering services for every school grade thanks to knowledge and experience in every science field, transmitting good teaching practices. Alkémica cooperates with public and private subjects and with the educational institutions, doing research in the field of scientific collecting, organizing and animating entertainment events, supporting and fostering the valorization of natural heritage, also through the membership of the associates to AIGAE (The Italian association of environmental and hiking guides).

President: Riccardo Govoni
Facebook: Alkémica