Since 2011, Pantacon has been expression of the network of cultural enterprises that it represents and coordinates, today formed by the cooperatives Alkémica, Charta, Teatro Magro and Zero Beat. Pantacon manages creative spaces working on events and festivals, cultural tourism, education and performing arts.
Pantacon works in museums, libraries, archives, squares, non-conventional places, through languages as art, theater, scientific dissemination, videomaking and narration.


Pantacon is a research and conception laboratory that devises and produces cultural projects interpreting the needs of the territories and the publics living them.


Pantacon wants to make business through culture and give space to creative languages to read the contemporary world in different contexts. The teamwork between the cooperatives and the dialogue with the actors of every ecosystem in which Pantacon operates constitutes the natural DNA of the consortium. Pantacon through its projects wants to offer the public new interpretations of the present and of the future, fostering the meeting and contamination between people, places and ideas.