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EU PROJECT - "OVER THE PUPPET'S BRIDGE – the tradition between fairy tales and puppets " - PARTNERS RESEARCH.
We are looking for some partner in the project "OVER THE PUPPET'S BRIDGE - the tradition between fairy tales and puppets " that we would like to submit on next call of Creative Europe - Culture Sub-Programme - Smaller Scales Cooperation Project (October 2018 or January 2019). We are Pantacon and Museo civico Polironiano of San Benedetto Po. Read all about the project here below

 We are:

1A) PANTACON ( is a network of cultural organizations settled in Mantova, northern Italy) with large experience in producing culture (performing arts, theatre, cultural events), spreading culture (training and workshops), managing heritage institutions (public libraries, museums, archives)

1B) Museo civico Polironiano of San Benedetto Po settled near Mantova (, is an ancient site of a monastery of Benedictine monks that now hosts a national heritage museum, with a rich etnographic collection (also puppets, marionettes, costumes, props, scenes and the texts of plays) and a sound archive on folk tales recorded between 1970-1972

We organize together since 2016 the puppet's festival LA FIUMA ( with the artistic direction of Giorgio Gabrielli (

The project " OVER THE PUPPET'S BRIDGE - the tradition between fairy tales and puppets " wants to re-discover the heritage of fairy tales (also through the collections of ethnographic museums in Europe), in order to spread awareness among the younger generation and among non-specialists, using innovative methods and interactive devices.

Main actions and outputs should be:

• Studying the fairy tales repertoires to find out some contact between the different traditions. For example some common charachters or situation (the foolish man, the fortune, the devil, etc.).
• Creating an interactive digital format on a permanent media device, valuable as a new product for museums or theatres to discover the contents of the fairy tale for new audiences.
• Realizing new puppet's theater performances based on the common caharacters for an audience of young people, families and children, travelling in all partner countries according to a joint planning (festival).

Find us: PANTACON Società Cooperativa Consortile Impresa Sociale, Via Parma 18/f 46100 Mantova ; c.f. e p.iva 02345640201 sede operativa HUB Santagnese10 officina creativa Mantova cell. 328 7557939 ; ;